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A brief introduction to Alpha Medical Group professional EVENT MEDICAL COVER service

Do you need high-quality medical cover for an event, TV or film production, performance or another type of assignment?

If so, you will be pleased to know that Alpha Medical Group is a leading, long-established, medical company that is greatly respected by medical and nursing personnel, clients, suppliers and other event medical providers. You will receive a highly professional medical service for a very reasonable price.

“Alpha Medical’ started trading in 1997. Over the last twenty-four years we have built up an excellent reputation for providing a comprehensive, 100% reliable, extremely flexible and cost-effective service.

We are happy to provide our specialist medical cover for more or less any type and size of event or assignment – providing the event is legal, ethical and does not involve animal cruelty.

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Every year, Alpha Medical provides specialist medical cover for a large number of regular and ‘one off’ clients who book our company for a wide variety of events and other types of assignment. Our clients benefit from the specialist medical knowledge, capabilities and valuable experience of our personnel.

Furthermore, in addition to our professional medical expertise, our clients also choose Alpha Medical because our experienced personnel are familiar with the layout of many venues and also the specific rules and regulations that are relevant to different types of sport and other assignments. Our medical teams are therefore able to adjust our specialist medical service to the specific requirements of your event and we are also able to offer our clients different types of vehicle and additional medical facilities.

Over the years Alpha Medical has provided expert medical cover (on a local, national and international basis) for numerous large and small events and other assignments. For example, our medical personnel have provided medical cover for hundreds of sports events, TV and film productions, parties, funerals, weddings, fetes, presentations, races, stunts, promotions and individuals who needed a personal service.

We are able to provide just one ‘First Responder’ for your event or, if your risk assessment requires more than one medical person on site, we are also happy to provide a multidisciplinary medical team (using people with different medical and/or nursing qualifications) to provide a comprehensive medical service.

In fact, over the years, many of our clients have benefitted greatly from the fact that our clinical personnel are healthcare professionals with different medical qualifications and many years of practical experience.


It is important for all event organizers to understand the fact that “Prehospital work” (i.e. out-of-hospital work) is very different to working in a normal hospital environment for various reasons. For example, most hospitals and clinics are warm, dry and well-lit with lots of equipment available and numerous trolleys, cupboards, shelves and drawers that are full of medical supplies and drugs. The majority of hospitals also have various specialist medical teams on-call and multiple facilities to use – including immediate back-up if a patient need to be resuscitated or there is another medical emergency.

In contrast, our experienced medical personnel need to be able to adapt and work safely and effectively in different types of indoor venue and outdoor locations – providing highly professional ‘on-site’ medical care for competitors of all ages, spectators, officials, actors, stunt performers and film crews etc.

We provide our special medical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that our medical personnel often work in the open air – at all times of the DAY and NIGHT – and in all types of weather (including hot, cold, wind, snow and rain) and in many different environments.

The majority of events and assignments we cover are held on dry land. However, if your event or assignment involves water in any way, you will be very pleased to know that we also have the specialist personnel and equipment required for water rescue.

Some events are held in private homes and other small venues and often only take a few to complete (e.g. charity fun runs; charity fetes etc) and other assignments can last for days, weeks or months. Alpha Medical personnel provide medical cover for numerous events that take place in the countryside (e.g. equestrian events) and also in various sports facilities. We also have clients who use us to provide medical cover for events that use public roads – e.g. cycle races.

Alpha Medical has provided specialist medical cover for many years for many different types of event. We have never let a client down so please call us anytime on 01473 499995.


Alpha Medical Group is able to provide experienced healthcare professionals with different professional qualifications – including GMC registered doctors, NMC registered nurses, HCPC registered Operating Department Practitioners (ODP’s), HCPC registered physiotherapists and HCPC registered Paramedics.

In addition we are also able to provide Ambulance Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, First Response Emergency Care (FREC) qualified personnel and other competent individuals who have completed a nationally recognized prehospital care course. Please note that, for various reasons, we do not supply ‘Emergency First Aiders or Qualified First Aiders for any event unless we also supply one or more supervisory personnel who have more prehospital experience and higher medical qualifications.

It is very important that event organizers understand different medical qualifications so that you are able to make an informed decision with regard to the number of medical personnel that you want and their knowledge and potential capabilities. To find out more about the different qualifications please click here.

Please note that the CEO of our company, and other senior clinical personnel, are all experienced healthcare professionals to ensure high clinical standards are maintained and the patient care we provide is ‘second-to-none’.

Our objective has always been to provide a first-class service, to all of our clients, that exceeds their expectations and requirements. We therefore make every effort to deliver high-quality, ‘patient-centered’, care and that is the reason why the majority of the work we do is for regular clients or clients who book after seeing us work at another event and/or after a recommendation from one of our existing clients.


Alpha Medical Group is able to provide a variety of vehicles and other resources to ensure that your event benefits from a bespoke service that will more than meet your precise requirements. We are able to provide and/or arrange the following resources…


Our Rapid Response Vehicles are usually well-equipped cars that are either fully sign-written or have no signage if you prefer or need the vehicle to be covert. The equipment and drugs carried on each vehicle depends of the actual medical qualifications and capabilities of the person or crew in the vehicle. If a solo medic is required we can provide an HCPC registered Paramedic with Advanced Life Support equipment and a Paramedic Drug Kit. Alternatively we can also provide an Ambulance Technician or FREC qualified person with ILS equipment. RRV’s can be single or double crewed – according to your wishes and requirements. RRV’s do not usually convey patients and are ideal for events that require a very prompt clinical response.


The majority of the events we cover involve some ‘off road’ work so we also provide well-equipped 4×4 vehicles – including 4×4 vehicles that are capable of conveying a casualty, on a patient stretcher, from one location to another at an event – e.g. to a larger emergency ambulance for transportation to hospital. Our 4×4 ambulances are therefore ideal for equestrian cross-country events and motorcross etc.

The equipment carried on board each 4×4 vehicle tends not to change and always includes ALS or ILS medical equipment – regardless of the crew on board and their medical qualifications. However please note that we can only supply a comprehensive Paramedic Drug Kit if the 4×4 vehicle has an HCPC registered Paramedic on board. Our 4×4 ambulances (and other 4×4 vehicles) can be supplied single or double crewed – according to your requirements.


Some events require smaller ‘all terrain vehicles’ (ATV’s) to convey medical personnel and equipment. We are able to supply various types of vehicle according to your requirements. Subject to availability we are also able to arrange medical cover using sign-written motorbikes. All quad bikes and motorbikes are equipped with Automated External Defibrillators, oxygen, resuscitation equipment and first aid supplies.


Most people have now seen medics using bicycles to reach casualties. You will therefore be pleased to know that, if your event needs a medic on a bicycle, we can help you. Well-equipped bicycles can be really useful for some types of event because they can often reach a casualty more quickly than a larger vehicle – especially if there is a need to get through a crowd of people and/or use busy pedestrian areas and roads. Alpha Medical Group cycle responders are well-equipped to provide Basic Life Support, Automated External Defibrillation (AED) and basic first aid. The role of cycle responders is to preserve life, prevent the injury or condition from getting worse and prevent deterioration – until more medical personnel (with more knowledge and experience) arrive with more equipment, supplies and transport.


The majority of large events also need a full-size (dual-crewed) ambulance as a clean, warm and well-lit environment to work in (e.g. when a casualty needs to be examined and monitored) and/or to be used to convey a casualty to hospital if necessary. Please note that, if a patient needs to be conveyed on any public road in England, the ambulance provider needs to be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Alpha Medical will therefore ensure that, if your event requires one or more ambulances to convey patients to hospital, they will be provided – so your event will comply 100% with the regulations.
These ambulances are sign-written and well-equipped for adult and paediatric patients.


It is sometimes quite difficult or not ideal to set up a static medical tent or gazebo at an event. Therefore, if that is the case Alpha Medical is able to provide one or more manned Mobile Medical Units that can be a large medical unit or a full-size ambulance that will not leave the site of the event. The latter type of MMU is ideal for funfairs, firework events and public gatherings that start in daylight hours and finish late at night. The MMU ensures that patients can be treated and examined properly – with dignity and respect – out of the hot, cold, wet or windy weather and away from loud fairground music etc.


If a Mobile Medical Unit is not required or is unsuitable for an event we are also able to provide a medical tent or gazebo (with chairs, tables and some first aid kit and supplies) that will be manned by at least two x experienced FREC qualified personnel. A medical tent or gazebo can be very useful at smaller event (such as a Summer fete) and can be supplied with or without our specialist vehicles – e.g. an ambulance, 4×4 vehicle or RRV. If you are organizing a large public event we are also able to arrange additional facilities up to and including a medical centre. Please note that our medical personnel will patrol your event, on a regular basis, whilst one or more people remain in the medical tent or gazebo.

In addition to using medical tents and gazebos we can also set up temporary or permanent Medical Rooms for our clients – e.g. for a school firework display or any event that takes place indoors. Over the years we have provided event medical cover, for numerous clients, inside various buildings and have never had a problem. We can also provide Mobile Medical Units and/or set up fully-equipped medical rooms (i.e. temporary and permanent) for different uses – e.g. public and/or staff health screening, dental checks, mass vaccination, multiple phlebotomy sessions, drug and/or alcohol checks etc.

In addition to supplying all of the necessary medical and/or dental equipment and supplies, for a short or long-term project, we can also organise and coordinate all of the necessary healthcare personnel if required – including doctors, dentists, nurses, ODP’s, paramedics, physiotherapists and phlebotomists.


If your event or assignment is being held in or near water Alpha Medical we can arrange specialist water safety personnel in addition to our land-based medical teams – to give event organizers peace of mind. Different resources are available including paddle rescue boards, kayaks, Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRBs) and Rescue Watercraft (including jet skis) to ensure that your event, film/TV production, stunt, industrial project or any other water-based assignment is managed in a safe way.

All personnel, vehicles and other resources are offered subject to availability and are booked on a ‘first-come-first served’ basis – after a official written confirmation of booking has been received by our company – and the potential booking has been confirmed in writing by our company.


The CEO of Alpha Medical Group has provided professional medical cover for countless events and other assignments, including various events attended by member of the Royal family and other VIP’s, since 1979. Therefore, after more than forty years of experience, Alpha Medical Group is more than able to give you any advice you may need with regard to more or less any type of event or assignment.

Alpha Medical is able to give you a comprehensive medical service – and will help you from start to finish if you wish– i.e. from initial planning through to debriefing after the event and any necessary reporting. We will ensure that your event will comply with all current rules and regulations (please see the COVID section below) regardless of the size of the event.

If required, for a nominal fee, we will also provide one or more professional risk assessments and/or any necessary written documents you may require – e.g. a method statement.


Please be aware of the fact that, over the last few years, numerous private individuals (including basic first aiders and other people who want some additional money) and many small businesses (who usually provide a completely different kind of service – e.g. security staff) have started to advertise ‘event medical cover’ services to potential clients.

These so-called ‘event medical cover services’ are not usually managed or delivered by healthcare professionals and, not unsurprisingly, there are now numerous ‘cowboy’ businesses who are unreliable and/or use ‘medics’ who are not properly checked and/or use people who have little or no experience and/or equipment and/or medical knowledge and/or do not have suitable medical qualifications or the necessary insurance policies etc.

Therefore, before you book any event medical provider for any event or assignment, please check the company you intend to use – and ask for a full written quotation that should include details about all of the medical and/or nursing personnel you require (including DBS and health checks, medical qualifications and experience), vehicles, additional facilities (e.g. medical tent), equipment, supplies, drugs and insurance policies etc.


I need professional medical cover for the following type of event/assignment.


Alpha Medical Group is a member of the Events Industry Forum that publishes official guidance to help employers, employees, volunteers, clients and attendees in the outdoor event industry in England to understand how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alpha Medical will always regard safety as paramount so we will do everything possible to comply with the latest government regulations and we will not provide event medical cover for any law-breaking event.

The guidance has been drawn up with input from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and in consultation with Public Health England (PHE) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is available from the Events Industry Forum website – i.e.


If your event or assignment is not mentioned above please send us an email to tell us how we can assist you. We will then give you as much help and advice as possible (free of charge) and send you a detailed ‘fixed fee’ quotation.