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Alpha Medical Group is able to provide a highly professional, comprehensive, 100% reliable and cost-effective service for virtually any type of film or television production, commercial, music video, stunt or potentially dangerous scene. 

Our CEO is a qualified Paramedic with more than FIFTY YEARS of valuable experience that includes providing professional medical cover for well-known film and TV productions.  The first film he worked on as a medic was ‘Henry V’ in 1989.  He then worked on the blockbuster film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ that was released in 1991.  Since then he has provided medical cover for hundreds of events and assignments – in addition to working as a Paramedic and RODP on ambulances and in the NHS.

Alpha Medical personnel have provided medical cover for a wide variety of television shows and other productions (working in front of and behind the camera) for many years.  We therefore understand the sometimes unusual film and TV industry environment and always adapt our professional service to meet the specific requirements of each assignment – regardless of whether our medical services are required for a few weeks or months (we’ll give you an additional discount for any long term booking) or only a few hours – e.g. for a ‘one-off’ day or night shoot.  You can be assured that our experienced medical personnel are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



How can Alpha Medical Group help our production?

It is essential for every film or TV production, dangerous scene, stunt, music video, commercial, advert and other types of production to have high-quality professional medical cover on ‘stand-by’ in order to ensure everyone is able to receive safe, prompt and effective medical care when it is needed.

Our medical personnel are able to manage a wide range of injuries and/or acute medical conditions.  It is important to emphasize that Alpha Medical specializes in providing professional medical cover for high-risk assignments and events.

Alpha Medical Group provides professional medical cover for numerous types of event and we are more than happy to work whenever and wherever the need arises.  For example, in studios, on location, on construction sites (before, during and after filming has taken place) and also in remote environments.  Our professional medical personnel specialise in equestrian and motorcycle assignments and we are also able to arrange expert medical cover for water-based assignments.

Will you supply experienced HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS for our production?

YES.  Alpha Medical uses experienced GMC registered doctors, HCPC registered Paramedics, NMC registered Nurses, IHCD Ambulance Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians and Qualsafe Awards accredited *First Response Emergency Care (i.e. Level 3, 4 or 5) qualified personnel to deliver high quality medical cover for our clients.  Please note that the respected *FREC suite of prehospital care qualifications are nationally recognized and approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Faculty of PreHospital Care.   For more details see the “Training Courses” section of this website.

Please use the following links to check the professional registration of healthcare professionals.

Our company is able to provide professional medical and nursing personnel who have different medical and nursing qualifications to suit the specific requirements of your event.  For example, HCPC registered Paramedics are able to use various drugs and/or intravenous infusions that many so-called ‘medical service’ personnel are not allowed to use.

In addition, our medical personnel carry advanced life support equipment that qualified first-aiders and many other people are not legally allowed to use.  This is because our experienced Paramedics are professionally qualified and therefore able to perform various life-saving procedures and techniques that can only be lawfully performed by a HCPC registered Paramedic or a qualified medical doctor.

We are therefore able to provide unit nurses and/or set medics for everyday filming and/or HCPC registered Paramedics for high-risk stunt scenes and other potentially dangerous film sequences.  Our experienced clinicians are used to responding extremely quickly to single and multiple casualty incidents and working in very challenging conditions – e.g. bad weather and/or rough terrain.  We also understand the importance of good communication with the production team at all times.

You will be pleased to know that Alpha Medical is able to offer you various options so you are able to choose the level of medical cover that you would like for your production – taking into account your medical risk assessments.  We are therefore more than happy to provide just one suitably qualified and experienced medic for your production – e.g. an NHS qualified Ambulance Technician or an HCPC registered Paramedic to work ‘solo’.  Alternatively, we are also able to supply a multi-skilled medical team with specialist vehicles, facilities and equipment for large productions.  In addition, if required, we can also provide personal medical cover for any V.I.P.

What vehicles and other medical facilities can you provide?

Alpha Medical Group is able to provide a variety of specialist well-equipped vehicles and other medical facilities manned by qualified medical personnel.  Subject to availability, if required, we can usually supply large conventional (CQC registered) Frontline Ambulances, Mobile Medical Units, 4×4 Paramedic Units, Rapid Response Vehicles, Quad bikes, Cycle Responders and other resources for your TV or film production, stunt, music video or commercial – or any other assignment such as a publicity event or post-production celebration.

4×4 Paramedic Units.  There are numerous productions, and other assignments, that involve working on location – often in the countryside and/or other rough terrains.  Our 4×4 Paramedic Units are packed full of medical equipment and supplies and they can also be used (if needed) as extrication vehicles – i.e.  4×4’s ambulances are able to convey a casualty on a seat or laying flat in the supine or prone position.

If you would like to look at a 4×4 Paramedic Unit, before making any booking, we are more than happy to visit any location within 75 miles of our Ipswich base (free of charge) to allow you to see everything that we carry in our vehicles.  Our 4×4 Paramedic Units are extremely popular with numerous clients because they can respond to casualties very quickly and be used as MMU’s.  

Static and Mobile Medical Units (MMU’s).  We are also able to set up temporary Static Medical Units (i.e. tents, gazebos and inflatable medical shelters) and/or provide well-equipped Mobile Medical Units that are designed to be used as mobile medical/first aid rooms.  MMU’s are really useful in windy and/or wet weather because they are not usually affected by bad weather and are therefore easier to manage when compared with tents and gazebos.  In addition, if you request an MMU it means that (if a production moves from one location to another nearby location) an MMU will be able to stay close to the cast and crew without any delays.  Packing up a SMU and then setting it up again in takes time.

In addition to the above SMU’s and MMU’s, if needs be, we are also able to supply a large fully-equipped medical centre, with a major trauma and resuscitation area, for your production.  Medical Centres are ideal for long-term assignments and also scenes involving scores of people (e.g. battle and other crowd scenes) because it is significantly more professional and beneficial, for patients and casualties, to be assessed and treated in a warm, well-lit and clean facility with plenty of space.  In addition we are also used to setting-up medical rooms in permanent and temporary buildings such as portakabins.

Do you hire specialist medical vehicles that can be used in our production?

YES although this is subject to availability.  Please let us know the type and number of vehicles you need for your production – e.g. conventional Frontline ambulances, Rapid Response Vehicles and/or 4×4 ambulances.

Can you advise us on medical equipment, techniques and protocols?

YES.  Alpha Medical Group guarantees to provide a COMPREHENSIVE medical service for any type of film or television production, documentary, video, stunt, potentially dangerous scene or commercial etc.  Therefore, in addition to providing high quality medical cover for everyone involved in the production, (if requested) we are more than happy to offer our specialist advice (free of charge) and we can also offer you a professional MEDICAL CONSULTANCY SERVICE.

In addition, if required, we will help you to carry out a Medical Risk Assessment and/or produce a written Production Medical Safety Plan that will be tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition, if required, our healthcare professionals will support and assist your production team to help set up realistic medical scenes, prevent medical inaccuracies, avoid the use of incorrect treatment protocols and draw attention to any other technical mistakes.  The majority of our medical personnel also work in the NHS and/or the private healthcare sector, with real patients and casualties, so our medics are always up-to-date with regard to medical equipment and treatment protocols etc! Obviously, in some cases, a specialist may be needed to give your team some additional technical advice.  However, if medical details are important in your production, we can guarantee that the clinical scene(s) in your production will be as true to ‘real life’ as possible.

Are you registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

Our company specializes in the provision of high quality professional medical cover for a wide range of events and other types of medical cover.   We are not a private ambulance service, and we do not offer an everyday patient transport service to the public, so CQC registration is not required.

However if your production or insurance policy needs a conventional fully-equipped Frontline ambulance (with a two-person crew) to be on-site all the time, it is very easy for us to arrange one for you.  We regularly work with private ambulance services on events that sometimes need an ambulance to convey a casualty to hospital.  However it is important to mention that, in our opinion, some private ambulance companies use their “CQC” registration in a rather unethical way.  Please note the following.

(a) Unfortunately some CQC registered “Private Ambulance Services” (PAS) and other CQC registered providers unfairly allow production staff to book the wrong type of ambulance(s) and/or crew(s) for their production. In addition some CQC registered PAS supply medical personnel with inappropriate medical qualifications and/or no relevant experience.  It is obviously not sensible, cost-effective or appropriate to pay out a substantial amount of money to have a conventional fully-equipped Frontline ambulance with a two-person crew to be on “stand-by” for a production if the ambulance and crew are not able to do the job when needed – and numerous film and TV locations need 4×4 ambulances and/or other types of all-terrain vehicle.

(b) In addition prehospital (i.e. out-of-hospital) medical care is a specialty that requires some knowledge and expertise that some ambulance personnel may not have because they have been trained for PTS work. This obviously means that if an ambulance person normally works in a CQC registered Patient Transport Service he or she may have no idea how to manage a serious medical incident.  It is always prudent to double-check the medical qualifications of all medics on the production.

(c) Some CQC registered companies promote conventional *Frontline Paramedic ambulances as the “gold standard”….and that is absolutely true for many potentially high-risk events when there are incidents that result in a casualty needing to go to hospital to be checked. However Frontline Paramedic ambulances, with two-person crews, can be a completely unnecessary expense – and they are usually not required so the crews sit in their vehicles all day.  This is because, generally speaking, risk assessments are carried out before any production, the majority of cast and crew work in a fairly normal and a safe way and stunt teams meticulously check every detail and reduce risk as much as possible.  Therefore, as everybody on the set is usually very safety conscious, the majority of injuries and medical conditions seen by medical personnel are relatively minor and (although a few plaster and Paracetamol tablets are given out) ‘blue-light’ runs to the nearest A&E are extremely rare.

Therefore, generally speaking, if any casualty requires a Frontline ambulance and crew the NHS ambulance service can be used and (if the location is remote) the NHS will ask for the assistance of an Air Ambulance and/or the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and/or other agencies.  Our HCPC registered Paramedics and Ambulance Technicians are very experienced and have the necessary knowledge, skills, medical equipment, intravenous fluids and drugs to assess, treat, monitor and observe any casualty who needs to be conveyed to the nearest NHS Emergency Department or another specialist NHS medical facility.

(d) If you visit the Care Quality Commission website you will read the words “We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care”. You will also note that CQC registration is not required for most event medical companies.  In addition, the Care Quality Commission only inspects providers in England.  Alpha Medical Group is able to provide professional medical cover anywhere in the United Kingdom and in some other Countries.


Alpha Medical Group is a highly respected and well-established medical business. We started our business in 1997.  We have therefore been delivering our medical services for 24 years now and are a leading provider of cost-effective and high-quality event medical cover.  In addition, if you are looking for a 100% reliable company, we are proud to say that we have never let a client down!

✔ All of our clients benefit from affordable fees and exceptional value-for-money. Over the years we have provided expert medical cover for numerous events and assignments and we have built up an excellent reputation with regard to flexibility and a friendly, personal  We value every client and treat all of our clients in a way that we would like to be treated.  This means every casualty is treated with dignity and respect and we take into account their individual needs and requirements.

✔ Alpha Medical Group is owned and managed by Steve Richards who is a healthcare professional who has worked with patients, in ambulances and hospitals, since 1969. Steve is dual-qualified –i.e. he is a practicing HCPC registered Paramedic (No.20819) and an HCPC registered Operating Department Practitioner (No.15341) who qualified in He therefore has more than five decades of invaluable knowledge and experience with regard to many aspects of patient care, road and air transport and the provision of professional medical cover for many different types of event.

✔ Steve is also a member of the College of Paramedics (CoP), the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) and the Medical Equestrian Association (MEA). In addition he is a qualified Clinical Instructor with professional adult teaching and assessing qualifications.

✔ The fact that ‘Alpha Medical’ is run by an experienced healthcare professional is really important because, these days, more or less anyone is legally allowed to advertise an ‘event medical service’ in the UK. This unfortunately means that there are now numerous individuals (including many security guards and “first aid trainers” etc) and non-professional opportunistic businesses who advertise a “medical” or “first aid” service but they do not have an appropriate professional healthcare qualification or the necessary medical knowledge and/or prehospital care experience to effectively manage a wide range of injuries and acute medical conditions that can and do occur at some events.  In addition some of the above non-professional services do not carry out the appropriate checks on personnel and/or may not be well-equipped or may not be fully insured and/or able to give drugs etc. If you use Alpha Medical you will benefit from professional care and maximum value for money.

✔ The fact that our sister company (i.e. Alpha Training & Consultancy Limited) is a nationally accredited training provider means that our medical personnel are able to benefit from high quality training courses, regular updates and scenario practice sessions that are delivered and assessed by practicing Paramedics who have the essential real-life experience to ensure that all of our personnel work as a team and are able to manage minor and serious incidents in a safe and professional way

✔ This means that our personnel are knowledgeable and skilled with regard to the safe administration of medical gases, advanced airway management, resuscitation, defibrillation, acute medical emergencies, bleeding, burns and scalds, musculoskeletal injuries, immobilization, decisions, safeguarding, manual handling, health and safety, infection control and many other topics

✔ If you use Alpha Medical Group for your medical cover you will also be given a generous 20% DISCOUNT if you book any staff member on ANY course delivered in our dedicated Suffolk based medical training centre. Alpha Training and Consultancy Limited delivers a wide range of courses including First Aid at Work and all of the statutory Health and Safety courses and updates.  For more information please see the “Training Courses” section of this website.

✔ We will always do our best to exceed your expectations and give you maximum value for money.

Please note.  If your production is taking place in the East of England geographical area (i.e. Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire), East London or North London we will give you a generous 10% GOODWILL DISCOUNT!!!   To claim your 10% discount please quote the reference “PRODUCTION.10” when you ask us for a quotation.



Please send us an email to tell us about your production or assignment and how we can assist you.  We will give you as much help as possible and send you a detailed ‘fixed fee’ no-obligation quotation.

    How can we help you?

    ALTERNATIVELY PLEASE TELEPHONE  01473 499995 ANYTIME We’re at YOUR service 24 HOURS a day ~ 7 DAYS a week ~ 365 DAYS a year


    If you would like a written ‘fixed fee’ quotation it will obviously be supplied to you free of charge and you will be under no obligation whatsoever to use Alpha Medical Group for your production or assignment.  However, if you would like to use our company, we respectfully suggest that you book us a.s.a.p. because we allocate our personnel, vehicles and equipment on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

    In addition, if your production is going to take place at night and/or over a WEEKEND or on a BANK HOLIDAY, it is even more important to firmly book your event medical cover as early as possible.  This is because the majority of sports and other events are held at weekends or on public holidays so the majority of medical providers tend to get booked up very quickly and it’s really difficult or impossible to accept any additional or late bookings.