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Alpha Medical has provided a highly professional, 100% reliable and cost-effective medical service for several state and independent schools and colleges since 1997.  We are able to provide high quality medical cover for a wide range of sports and other events including the following…

American Football
Water Polo
Leaver’s Ball

Summer Ball
Graduation ceremony

VIP visit
Other special events

N.B. The above list is by no means exhaustive. However it should give you an indication of the different types of event that we attend. 


The majority of teaching staff are knowledgeable and up-to-date with regard to the strict rules and regulations that cover the provision of first aid (and, in some cases, additional medical services and facilities) in their school, college or university.  As far as independent establishments are concerned the ‘Welfare, health and safety of pupils’ section of the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations highlights the need for every “proprietor” to have a written first aid policy, appropriately trained staff and suitable accommodation for the care and treatment of sick and/or injured pupils etc.

Ofqual, the Health and Safety Executive and other organizations (including insurance companies) also stipulate minimum medical requirements for nearly every type of event.  In addition all schools, college and universities have a legal duty to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and additional related legislation.

Rugby, football, hockey and cricket fixtures are usually the events that lead to sports injuries and often result in head and/or eye injuries, fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, cuts and grazes. Very occasionally some sports injuries can be extremely serious – e.g. spinal injuries.

The majority of independent private schools, colleges and universities have their own medical centre and full-time staff.  However our flexible medical cover service is regularly used by various independent schools and colleges who prefer to use their medical, nursing and physiotherapy staff to cover all of the routine medical work that is required – whilst our pre-hospital care specialists provide professional medical cover for regular sports events and other school activities that require competent medical cover.

These days nearly all sports teachers and coaches are first aiders and able to manage minor incidents.  However, for a number of reasons, the majority of teachers are now more than happy to ask our specialist medical personnel to assess and treat pupils who are injured or acutely unwell.  In addition to having higher medical qualifications our clinicians are also much better equipped to manage the situation.

Our medical personnel will also make official “return to play” decisions if and when required. 

However, if the casualty needs to be conveyed (e.g. to their home OR your medical centre OR an NHS Emergency Department) it will be arranged and the casualty will be treated (if necessary), monitored and “handed-over” in a professional way to a parent, guardian, teacher or another healthcare professional.

It is for the above, and other reasons, that Alpha Medical is regularly used by independent schools and colleges to provide specialist medical cover for numerous scheduled rugby, football, cricket, hockey matches (and other types of sport) and we are also used for numerous inter-school sports competitions.

Please note. If your independent school or college is located in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, East London or North London it is more than likely that our medical personnel have already provided medical care for some of your pupils when your school or college has visited any of the schools and colleges who use our company on a regular basis.

We would therefore very much appreciate it if you would consider using our medical service in the future.  We are able to provide a variety of well-equipped vehicles for different types of event and experienced medical personnel with different medical qualifications – including First Response Emergency Care (FREC) qualified personnel, Ambulance Technicians and HCPC registered Paramedics.  All of our personnel are insured and required to maintain their professional registration (if applicable) and CPD in additional to having an acceptable enhanced DBS.

Alpha Medical Group is more than happy to cover one-off events, regular (e.g. weekly) events and/or annual events such as competitions and Summer Balls etc.  If you would like to use our medical personnel on a regular basis, and have a flexible arrangement for our clinicians to provide medical cover on multiple dates during the year, your establishment will be treated as a PRIORITY CLIENT and we will guarantee our attendance on the dates you need us providing we are given a minimum seven days notice before any event.

Our fee for each event will include a brief report about every pupil we have examined (and treated if necessary) at the event.  The report can be given verbally to a nurse in your medical centre (in the form of a professional ‘handover’) before we return to our base OR we will send a written report to a named person.  This ensures confidentiality and your nursing staff will know about any incident, injury and/or acute medical condition that has occurred to any of your pupils during the event. This is obviously especially important if a pupil is a ‘boarder’ and/or he or she has sustained a head injury.

N.B. If your school, college or university event is taking place in the East of England geographical area (i.e. Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire), East London or North London we will give you a generous 10% GOODWILL DISCOUNT.  To claim your 10% discount please quote the reference “TEACH.10” when you ask us for a quotation.


All experienced healthcare professionals know that children and young people are not “mini adults” and therefore need specialist medical care, and sometimes different medical equipment, due to the significant anatomical and physiological differences.    

It is therefore really important to stress that Alpha Medical prehospital care personnel are used to managing PAEDIATRIC injuries and acute medical conditions.  We would like to emphasize this fact because all experienced sports teachers, coaches and medical personnel know that sports injuries can involve minor and serious injuries and there are various potential ‘Mechanisms of Injury’ that can lead to long term problems.  For example, many people have recently been made aware of the long-term problems associated with concussion and some rules may now need to be changed.

An official medical report states the following…”General and central nervous system anatomy and physiology in children is different to that of adults and this is relevant to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury”…. “Their cranial and spinal anatomy undergoes many changes”…Moreover their systemic anatomy changes over time”…”The head is relatively large in young children, the airway is easily compromised, the chest is poorly protected, the abdominal organs are large…blood volume is small by comparison, hypothermia develops easily, intracranial pressure (ICP) is lower and blood pressure (is) considerably different at different ages, with potentially important implications”…‘’’injuries are common in accidental injury, and growing fractures…and spinal cord injury…are unique to the paediatric population”….”TBI is a leading cause of death in children”….”All of the difficulties and controversies of adult TBI are compounded in children”…”Children have smaller blood volumes, reduced tolerance for blood loss…and reduced tissue perfusion—these are all challenging in children”.  “Anatomy and physiology in children develops over several years to gradually assume the adult form”.  “Relative to the size of a child’s body, the head is large and heavy, balanced on a neck poorly supported by weak muscles and ligaments, and so both head and cervical spine are easily injured. Biomechanical maturation of the spine is a progressive process” …”Epiphyses fuse at different times and are easily mistaken for fractures”. “Most spine injuries in children occur in the cervical region”

Source: “Anatomical and Physiological Differences between Children and Adults Relevant to Traumatic Brain Injury and the Implications for Clinical Assessment and Care” published by Anthony A. Figaji.

In our opinion, it is therefore important that healthcare professionals are used to assess children and young people rather than “first aiders” who have limited medical knowledge and experience.


Please consider all of the following points before you book medical cover for your event.

Alpha Medical Group is a highly respected and very well-established medical business. We started our business in 1997.  We have therefore been delivering our medical services for 24 years and are now a leading provider of cost-effective and high-quality event medical cover.  If you are looking for a 100% reliable company we are proud to say that we have never let a client down!

✔ All of our clients benefit from reasonable fees and exceptional value-for-money. Over the years we have provided expert medical cover for numerous school, college and university events and we have built up an excellent reputation with regard to flexibility and a friendly, personal  We value every client and treat every casualty as an individual with specific needs and requirements.

✔ Alpha Medical Group is owned and managed by Steve Richards who is a healthcare professional who has worked with patients, in ambulances and hospitals, since 1969. Steve is dual-qualified –i.e. he is a practicing HCPC registered Paramedic (No.20819) and an HCPC registered Operating Department Practitioner (No.15341) who qualified in He therefore has more than five decades of invaluable knowledge and experience with regard to many aspects of patient care, road and air transport and the provision of professional medical cover for many different types of event.

✔ Steve is also a member of the College of Paramedics (CoP), the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) and the Medical Equestrian Association (MEA). In addition he is a qualified Clinical Instructor with professional adult teaching and assessing qualifications.

✔ The fact that ‘Alpha Medical’ is run by an experienced healthcare professional is really important because, these days, more or less anyone is legally allowed to advertise an ‘event medical service’ in the UK. This unfortunately means that there are now numerous individuals (including many security guards and “first aid trainers” etc) and non-professional opportunistic businesses who advertise a “medical” or “first aid” service but they do not have an appropriate professional healthcare qualification or the necessary medical knowledge and/or prehospital care experience to effectively manage a wide range of injuries and acute medical conditions that can and do occur at some events.  In addition some of the above non-professional services do not carry out the appropriate checks on personnel and/or may not be well-equipped or may not be fully insured and/or able to give drugs etc. If you use Alpha Medical you will benefit from professional care and maximum value for money.

✔ It is also important to emphasize that Alpha Medical is not a basic “first aid” service. We specialize in providing professional medical cover for high-risk  We would like to stress this fact because, unfortunately, some events result in a serious injury that requires expert care – e.g. a C-spine fracture.  Our qualified personnel are able to manage serious incidents as and when required.

✔ You will be pleased to know that Alpha Medical is able to offer you various options so you are able to choose the level of medical cover that you would like for your event – taking into account your medical risk assessment and financial situation. We are more than happy to provide just one suitably qualified and experienced ‘medic’ for your event – e.g. an NHS qualified Ambulance Technician or an HCPC registered Paramedic to work ‘solo’ on a single-crewed vehicle.  Alternatively, we are also able to supply a multi-skilled medical team with specialist vehicles, equipment and medical supplies.

✔ Alpha Medical regularly provides Paramedics, Nurses, Ambulance Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians and First Response Emergency Care (i.e. Level 3, 4 or 5) qualified personnel for event medical cover. Please note that the respected FREC suite of prehospital care qualifications are nationally recognized and approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Faculty of PreHospital Care. For more details please see the “Training Courses” section of this website.

✔ Our company is able to provide professional medical and nursing personnel who have different medical and nursing qualifications to suit the specific requirements of your event. For example, our HCPC registered Paramedics are able to use various drugs and/or intravenous infusions that basic ‘event first aid services’ are not allowed.

✔ In addition, our clinicians also carry advanced life support equipment that qualified first aiders are not legally allowed to use. This is because our experienced Paramedics are professionally qualified and therefore able to perform various life-saving procedures and techniques that can only be lawfully performed by a HCPC registered Paramedic or a qualified medical doctor.

✔ The fact that our sister company (i.e. Alpha Training & Consultancy Limited) is a nationally accredited training provider means that our medical personnel are able to benefit from high quality training courses, regular updates and scenario practice sessions that are delivered and assessed by practicing Paramedics who have the essential real-life experience to ensure that all of our personnel work as a team and are able to manage minor and serious incidents in a safe and professional way

✔ This means that our personnel are knowledgeable and skilled with regard to the safe administration of medical gases, advanced airway management, resuscitation, defibrillation, acute medical emergencies, bleeding, burns and scalds, musculoskeletal injuries, immobilization, decisions, safeguarding, manual handling, health and safety, infection control and many other topics

✔ Please note that, if you use our event medical cover service, your school or college will also be given a very generous 20% DISCOUNT if any of your staff or volunteers attend ANY course delivered in our dedicated medical training centre by our experienced specialist instructors. The above discount obviously means that you will be able to save a significant amount of money, in the future, if you use Alpha Training and Consultancy Limited for any or all of your future First Aid at Work or Paediatric Emergency First Aid or Health and Safety statutory training courses or any of our other courses.  Please see the “Training Courses” section of the website for more details.

✔ Alpha Medical Group is also able to provide a variety of specialist well-equipped vehicles and other medical facilities manned by qualified medical personnel. Subject to availability we can usually supply large conventional Ambulances, Mobile Medical Units, 4×4 Paramedic Units, Rapid Response Vehicles, Quad bikes, Cycle Responders and other resources for your event.  We also work with other respected event medical companies when they need more specialist vehicles and/or extra medical resources and/or additional medical personnel.  In addition, if required, Alpha Medical will produce a Medical Risk Assessment and/or an Event Safety Management Plan for any event that will be tailored to your specific requirements.

✔ As previously stated, if you would like to use our company on a regular basis and have a flexible arrangement, we will provide medical cover on multiple dates and your school, college or university will be regarded as a PRIORITY CLIENT. This means that we would guarantee our attendance on the dates and times you need us providing we are given a minimum seven days notice before each event.

✔ We will always do our best to exceed your expectations and give you maximum value for money. Please see the sample client recommendations below.



Please send us an email to tell us about your school, college or university event and how we can assist you.  We will give you as much assistance as possible (free of charge) and send you a detailed ‘fixed fee’ no-obligation quotation.

    How can we help you?

    ALTERNATIVELY PLEASE TELEPHONE  01473 499995 ANYTIME We’re at YOUR service 24 HOURS a day ~ 7 DAYS a week ~ 365 DAYS a year


    If you would like a written ‘fixed fee’ quotation it will obviously be supplied to you free of charge and you will be under no obligation whatsoever to use Alpha Medical Group for your event(s).

    If you would like to use our company for a one-off or annual event we respectfully suggest that you firmly book us a.s.a.p. because we allocate our medical personnel, vehicles and equipment on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

    In addition, if your event is going to be held on a WEEKEND or on a BANK HOLIDAY, it is even more important to firmly book your event medical cover as early as possible.  This is because the majority of events are held at weekends or on public holidays so the majority of medical providers tend to get booked up very quickly and it’s really difficult or impossible to accept any additional or late bookings.

    However, if you would like to use Alpha Medical Group on a regular (e.g. weekly or term) basis and have a flexible arrangement to provide medical cover on multiple dates during a term or a year, your school, college or university will be regarded as a PRIORITY CLIENT and we would guarantee our attendance on the dates you need us providing we are given a minimum one week notice for each event.