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  • Alpha Medical has been established since 1997 and, more than two decades later, we are proud to say that we have never let a client down!
  • We are well-known for our 100% reliable and highly professional medical services
  • Our clients also benefit from affordable fees and exceptional value-for-money
  • We always do our best to deliver a friendly, flexible and very personal service that is tailored to the specific individual needs and requirements of our clients
  • The CEO of Alpha Medical (Group) Limited is Steve Richards – a dual-qualified healthcare professional who has worked with patients and casualties, in ambulances and hospitals, for more than fifty years. He is also a highly respected Clinical Instructor.
  • Steve is a practicing HCPC registered Paramedic and also an HCPC registered Operating Department Practitioner. He has five decades of invaluable knowledge  and experience with regard to the provision of road and air ambulance transportation  and professional medical cover for a wide range of assignments – including providing  high quality medical cover for events attended by members of the Royal family
  • If you need a trustworthy and highly professional medical team for any type of event (e.g. with our personnel working on-site and/or providing a mobile medical service) please ask us for a fixed fee Over the years we have provided specialist medical cover for hundreds of rugby matches, equestrian and motor sports events, TV and film productions and many other types of assignment so you will benefit from our experience

 As a leading provider of event medical cover we are highly-respected by our clients and also by other medical companies

  • If required, we will help you to carry out a Medical Risk Assessment and/or produce an Event Safety Management Plan that will be tailored to your specific requirements
  • We are also able to provide a variety of specialist well-equipped vehicles and other medical facilities manned by qualified medical personnel. Subject to availability we can  usually supply conventional standard Ambulances, Mobile Medical Units, 4×4 Paramedic Units, Rapid Response Vehicles, Quad bikes and Medicycles etc
  • If you would like Alpha Medical to provide professional medical cover for your event (or any other type of assignment) we will discuss your specific needs and requirements with you and then give you various options with regard to the total number and types of vehicle you may need, the number of medical personnel (and their medical qualifications) and any additional medical facilities that you may want on-site. You will then be able to consider various alternatives and choose the vehicles, personnel and any other resources that you want for your event. We will always do our best to meet or exceed your medical requirements at no additional cost to you.
  • We are also able to provide professional medical and nursing personnel who have

different medical and nursing qualifications to suit the specific requirements of your event or assignment.  For example our HCPC registered Paramedics are able to use various drugs and/or intravenous infusions that basic ‘event first aid services’ are not allowed

  • We also carry advanced equipment that first aid companies are not legally allowed to use. This is because our experienced Paramedics are qualified and therefore able to perform various life-saving procedures and techniques that can only be lawfully  performed by a HCPC registered Paramedic or a qualified medical Doctor
  • The fact that our sister company is an accredited training provider means that our medical personnel are able to benefit from high quality training courses, regular updates and practice sessions that are delivered and assessed by practising Paramedics who have the essential real-life experience to ensure that all of our personnel work as a team and are able to manage incidents in a safe and professional way
  • Our personnel are knowledgeable and skilled with regard to medical gases, advanced airway management, resuscitation, defibrillation, acute medical emergencies, bleeding, burns and scalds, musculoskeletal injuries, immobilization, ‘return to play’ decisions, safeguarding, manual handling, health and safety, infection control and many other topics
  • Please ask to see some of our letters of recommendation from our satisfied clients


  • Alpha Medical provides a specialist patient transportation consultancy for any client who needs to arrange patient transport from one location to another using one or more road ambulances and/or a chartered air ambulance or scheduled flight(s)
  • We will make ALL of the arrangements necessary to transport the patient, medical team, relatives and any other people who need to be conveyed from one location to another in a highly professional and cost-effective way
  • We are able to organise and managing local, national and international assignments and we guarantee to give every client a service that is tailored to the specific individual needs and requirements of the patient – regardless of his or her injuries and/or medical condition(s) and other factors
  • If you have read the previous section you will have noted that our CEO is Steve Richards – a very experienced, dual-qualified, healthcare professional (i.e. HCPC registered Paramedic and ODP) who has worked with patients for more than fifty years.
  • Steve has a wealth of experience with regard to arranging and coordinating road and air ambulance assignments. He arranged his first road and air ambulance assignment back in 1979 – successfully conveying a young patient from his Intensive Care Unit bed the United States to an ITU bed in Northern Ireland using a combination of cars, road ambulances and aircraft.  He therefore has more than forty years of valuable knowledge and experience with regard to organising a wide variety of air ambulance assignments.
  • Over the years Steve has owned and managed two very busy private ambulance services that have conveyed many thousands of NHS and private patients – on a local, national and sometimes international He has therefore built up a database of contacts, based in the UK and overseas, who are used to repatriate patients to and from UK.
  • Please ask to see some of our letters of recommendation from our satisfied clients


  • Alpha Medical also provides a professional mobile phlebotomy service for private individuals and businesses. We have a network of experienced phlebotomists who are normally able to visit people in the comfort of their own home or workplace (if the workplace is suitable for the clinical procedure) on mutually agreed day and time.
  • This means that many patients are able to save valuable time travelling to and from their GP’s surgery, hospital or clinic to give a blood sample. When our phlebotomists visit our clients the process only takes a few minutes and most of our clients have the necessary disposables in the form of a kit. All they need is a phlebotomist to take their blood. The samples are then posted or couriered to a laboratory for analysis
  • Our phlebotomists are also used by various businesses and laboratories who need to obtain blood samples on a regular basis for research and other purposes
  • Please note that we only use phlebotomists or other healthcare professionals (e.g. qualified nurses) are fully insured and have been trained to do the job properly so you can be assured that all blood samples will be collected in a professional way.
  • Our Mobile Phlebotomy Service is ideal for many elderly people, people who suffer from a needle phobia and/or people who are agoraphobic or disabled in some way. Our phlebotomists will always do everything possible to make the experience as comfortable and painless as possible.
  • Please ask to see some of our letters of recommendation from our satisfied clients


Alpha Medical is not able to analyse any blood samples. However we work with other medical companies who do have the necessary facilities and ability to test blood samples.  For example, you may be interested in finding out more about the following companies…

SneakPeek helps pregnant women to know the gender of their baby using a 99.1% accurate Early Baby Gender Blood Test

Cerulean Health is able to analyse blood samples for COVID-19



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