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First Person on Scene Edexcel IHCD Intermediate Award

Course Overview

This course is available at a basic and a intermediate level (for more basic course see Edexcel IHCD First Person On Scene (FPOS) Basic).  At the basic level you learn a standard amount of topics in each module however on the intermediate course you will learn all the basic topics plus additional subjects in each module to further your knowledge and skills.

This course has been designed to help you deal with a life threatening situation and therefore gives you the confidence, skills and knowledge to help you carry this out in a prompt and safe manner.

There are many areas that are covered but the main modules are as follows:


This qualifications is clinically endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care and has been developed with the NHS ambulance services.  The First Person on Scene course also meets the security industry authority first aid requirements for close protection and can be delivered and recognised internationally.

On this course, at intermediate level, it is 30 hours including pre-study and assessment. It targets people such as co-responders and other emergency services such as police, fire and senior cabin crew. With the intermediate FPOS course ambulance response time is between 20-40 minutes.

Who should attend

This course is designed for people who are genuinely interested in health care.  The First Person On Scene course is suitable for First Aiders who want to further their knowledge and therefore be more assistance to those in need.  This course will give you the resources to cope with the situation as the first person that has arrived at an incident where one or more persons are in danger.  It would certainly be very useful for police or fire personnel as it will improve their confidence when they arrive at a scene where that can not only do their job but perform life saving skills.

There is a wide range of people who this course would be very beneficial to, such as community responders and industrial first aiders. First aiders in heavy industry work in dangerous or life threatening conditions and therefore would definitely gain numerous skills to ensure the safety of themselves and their colleagues in the event of an emergency. However, you do not have to have a job in health care to attend this course, as many people just enjoy the challenge of gaining a new qualification and learning more, enabling them to be of aid in a incident. The First Person On Scene course is suitable for anyone wanting to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help in life threatening situations or simply help an ill or injured casualty.

What you will learn

This course will undoubtedly give you valuable knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with the situation as the First Person on Scene.  You will be able to treat any injury, illness or condition in a safe, prompt and effective way.

Learning Group

HSE only allows a maximum of twelve participants per instructor however, we usually like to teach smaller groups i.e. six to eight people. This is for a number of reasons: so the instructor can make sure that you fully understand, achieve your potential and that you are competent.  The less people there are the more individual tuition can be undertaken.

Course Duration

The FPOS Intermediate Award is a FIVE DAY course.  It usually starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm.  However, when necessary, if there is enough people we can also deliver the course over a longer period of time.  This is normally done by splitting the topics into different sessions that are delivered in different modules.

First Person on Scene Edexcel IHCD Intermediate Award

Course Content

The Level 2 BTEC Award IHCD First Person on Scene is split up into eight modules.  In this course (Intermediate) we will be looking at a number of topics within each module.  If you wish to do a more simple course and less topics you can always attend the basic FPOS course (see Basic FPOS course).

At this level, this is the following modules and their topics.


  • The role of FPOS
  • Scene Safety
  • Minimising the risk of infection
  • Post-incident procedures
  • Scene management
  • Safety
  • Triage


  • Communicating with patients
  • Examination and assessment
  • Primary survey and assessment
  • Safe moving and handling


  • Recognition of respiratory problems
  • Common breathing difficulties
  • Basic airway management
  • Causes of blocked airway
  • Opening and maintaining a clear airway
  • Choking
  • Use of suction
  • Removal of crash helmets
  • Use of oro-pharyngeal airways
  • Oxygen supplementation
  • Ventilation support
  • Bag/valve/mask


  • Performing basic life support
  • Recovery position
  • Perform child and infant basic life support


  • Automated external defibrillation
  • Normal/abnormal heart rhythms


  • Recognition and initial care of haemorrhage
  • Bleeding
  • Shock (to include fainting)


  • Recognition and initial care of heart attack/angina
  • Recognition and initial care of diabetes
  • Recognition and initial care of stroke
  • Recognition and initial care of epilepsy
  • Recognition and initial care of unconscious patient
  • Recognition and initial care of asthma/anaphylaxis
  • Assisting the paramedic


  • Recognition and intial care of injuries to bones, joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Recognition and initial care of burns and scalds
  • Recognition and initial care of other trauma related injuries
  • Skeletal stabilisation

Every course that we do is tailored to the specific individual requirements of each course participant.  This means that we are more than happy to answer as many questions as you wish on your specific area i.e. paediatric nursing and that we will do our best to make it as relevant as possible to your occupation.  Also, if you need any additional help our instructors will give you individual tuitition or assist you in any way you find helpful.

Assessment and Certification

After sitting the training course, taught by one of our trained instructors, you are required to pass a paper based multiple choice paper and a few practical assessments on the range of knowledge and skills you have learnt that week.  However, you will be continuously assessed by the instructor throughout the course i.e. whilst doing your practical work.  After passing the written and practical assessments you will recieve an Alpha Medical HSE approved certificate that will allow you to be an Edexcel approved First Person On Scene.  This certificate if valid for three years however we recommend that you take advantage of our FREE refresher course opportunities and update your skills on an annual basis i.e. in the use of an automated defibrillator should be around every six months.  After the three years participants will have to meet the assessment standard for a new certificate to be re-issued.

Candidate Requirements

You must attend the whole course to gain your qualification and certificate, therefore you should ideally be fairly fit and healthy because there is a number of practical sessions involved in the course – including floor work.  If you have concerns about an injury or condition you may have but still want to attend the course the best thing you can do is give us a call and we will do our best to help you be as comfortable as possible on the course.  Also, course participants should have a genuine interest in healthcare and be able to work hard and concentrate for the duration of the FPOS course.

Course Location and Course Fees

We are based in Chelmsford (Essex) and therefore this is why our main training facilities are there.  However, we also use venues in other areas such as, London, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Norfolk but over the years we have delivered numerous courses all over the UK, including Wales and Scotland.  In addition, if you would prefer it is possible to teach on-site courses if your premises suits the course requirements, such as having enough floor space is essential.  Also, if this is the option you choose we will have to check that it complies with HSE rules.  Course fees are dependant on where you would like your course delivered and how many people you would like to book on the course.  One of the aspects Alpha Medical pride ourselves on is the fact that even though we use experienced healthcare professionals to teach our courses our fees are similar (or even less than) what you would be charged at British Red Cross and St John Ambulance.

Why Choose Alpha Training & Consultancy For Your Training?

We are a highly respected firm who not only teach first aid but we are 24/7 private ambulance company who do it every day! Therefore we have a number of experienced healthcare professionals such as, Paramedics and Nurses who teach our courses as we feel it’s important that someone who is doing the job will have the best information (and indeed up to date information) about the subject area.  Unlike other establishments our course fee includes your own uncontaminated resuscitation manikin (i.e. Little Anne) and unlimited free refreshments for the entire course.  Also, you will be given a First Person On Scene handbook to refer back to should you need to.  We have taught thousands of people in a range of different courses since 1997 and they keep coming back to us!


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