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Training Course Testimonials

“As a leisure activity centre we need to provide first class training for all staff. This was achieved by Steve Richards. With success by all, I would recommend this course of study.”

“Trainers in your area of expertise are difficult to come by and I hope, with your permission, we can call on you again.”

“We are all agreed that these were amongst the most wothwhile four days we have ever spent.”

“The course is very informative and interesting, you certainly put a lot of effort, not only for the lectures but also before hand with the preparation, it is definately appreciated.”

“We have found Alpha Training and Consultancy to be very cost effective… their staff are always friendly and professional.”

“The course was brilliantly delivered and was packed with essential information… It was both informative and entertaining, and the time flew by.”

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Medical Cover Testimonials

“Their assessments of casualties is thorough and sensible and although there were no major injuries the region feel more confident with a professional team in attendance.”

“Their vehicle was excellent an their staff cheerfuly competent and obviously experienced.”

“On behalf of the lady who you kindly assisted and the Police Officers who attended the scene, I would like to pass on my thanks for taking the time to stop and lend your medical skills to those involved.”

“We are more than confident to place the lives of our 200 drivers aged from 10 to 60 in the hands of this well equipped medical team.”

All testimonials can be viewed upon request.

  • "We are all agreed that these were amongst the most worthwhile four days we have ever spent."
    A Training Course Client
    "From the time of my initial enquiry to the report of a job completed, I found your service exemplary in all respects… Nothing was too much trouble."
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